Since 1982 Profilglass plans and produces aluminum spacer and decorative bars for I.G. units and in the last years has reached the position of world leader in the field with a production of more than 470 million meters which are exported in 90 countries for 90% of the total company turnover. Such production is obtained with the help of internally built roll-forming machines using induction welding; the profiles, in more than 300 different kinds, are available in standard, bendable, clear anodized and painted versions. Since the beginning Profilglass conducted a constant policy of investments culminated in the production of four continuous-casting plants and two rolling-mills which allow realizing finished products from non-processed raw material. The last one in chronological order is a coil degreasing plant which eliminates completely the rolling-mill lubricant remains before the treatment still executed on line during the roll-forming. Profilglass is part of a group of companies having a facility of 110.000 square meters inside which operate a total of 500 employees for a total of 50,000 tons of aluminum yearly processed. The company is in condition to produce on request special shapes and dimensions. The decorative profiles (Georgian and muntin bar), in their variety of shapes and dimensions, are one of the products for which Profilglass is known all over the world; for a more complete products range Profilglass owns an internal powder coating plant and a plastic moulding division for the accessories.


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