MEAN WELL LED power supply (or, driver) “HLG series” and “HLG-C series”, with the 

MEAN WELL LED power supply (or, driver) “HLG series” and “HLG-C series”, with the supreme product specification and the outstanding reliability, have been highly and positively recognized by the LED lighting field. Over millions of units are delivered to countries around the globe every year with a remarkably low defect rate. In order to enhance the overall product level, providing the better-than-industry high grade service for users, from today on, MEAN WELL is pushing upward the warranty from the current 5 years to 7 years, for the “HLG series (*Note1)” and “HLG-C series (*Note2)” that are either in mass production or under development, and the about-to-launch HLG modified type (HLGP series, with a further higher specification such as IP68, extremely low cold start temperature as -55°C, surge immunity level up to 6KV, vibration withstand up to 10G, operating altitude up to 5000m, etc.) This warranty upgrade traces and applies to all of the HLG and HLG-C series products manufactured starting from 2015.1.1, based on the serial number presented on product labels. Should you have any questions, please contact MEAN WELL sales representatives. 
*Note1 – Applied models: HLG-40H/HLG-60H/HLG-80H/HLG-100H/HLG-120H/HLG-150H/HLG-185H/HLG-240H/HLG-320H/HLG-600H 
*Note2 – Applied models: HLG-60H-C/HLG-80H-C/HLG-120H-C/HLG-185H-C

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