ARLON’s Vehicle Wrap Seminar with Piotr Cinski

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Theoretical and hands-on approach of wrap technique of Arlon.

ARLON’s Vehicle Wrap Seminar with Piotr Cinski included:

  • Theoretical part on Self-Adhesive Vinyls and the steps for the proper Wrap
  • Hands-On approach of wrap technique of Arlon
  • Hands-On training on deep channels with DPF6000XRP and DPF4600LX

Who is Piotr Cinski

Piotr is one of the world’s most experienced wrap installers, having wrapped over 6000 vehicles. He is the current owner of Pentagraf, a Poland-based wrap company, and is also Master Installer at Dutch wrap company 12wrap/Jabe. Piotr is the overall winner of The FESPA Wrap Cup Masters Series in 2013, and is recognized as the first official World Champion of Car Wrapping. He has twice won the Polish Car Wrap Championship in 2010 and 2012.

Since 2013 he has been the Technical Expert and Judge at The Polish Car Wrap Championship, and was the Event Trainer for 3M Poland from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, Piotr was the Head Judge at The FESPA World Wrap Masters. When asked about his career and being a Wrap-It-Right Board Certification Member, Piotr says:

“I don’t believe that a best installer in the world exists, but I always do my best to try to be that one. I have used every possible brand and type of vinyl over the years. I believe that the best installers are on a constant quest to learn new ideas and make themselves better, and I am happy to say that I continue to learn with each install and training that I do. I am proud to be Arlon’s trainer because the quality of their film and their focus on high level training. The Wrap It Right Certification is the toughest in the world, and I am glad to be one of a few chosen to Certify with Arlon.” 


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